Construction and rehabilitation work will typically occur at the project site during the months of May through October each construction season.  Design work will progress year round.

2013 Key Project Milestones
–          Finalize design for new Access Road.
–          Finalize design for Diversion System.
–          Obtain additional permits and governmental approvals.
–          Wildlife relocation along new Access Road and Project Site.
–          Construction of new Access Road off of Carmel Valley Road.
–          Site preparation including clearing, fencing and construction access roads.
–          Geotechnical investigations.
–          Partial construction of Diversion System

2014 Key Project Milestones
–          Finalize design for site earthwork.
–          Complete construction of Diversion System.
–          Construct Diversion Dike.
–          Construct the Re-Route Channel.
–          Construct the Stabilized Sediment Slope.  Not completed in 2014. Will be completed in 2015
–          Construct the Sediment Stockpile.
–          Partial excavation of the Combined Flow Reach.
–          Partial San Clemente Dam removal.
–          Additional geotechnical investigation.

2015 Key Project Milestones
–          Finalize Channel and Habitat restoration design.
–          Complete demolition of the San Clemente Dam.
–          Construction of the Combined Flow Reach Channel.
–          Initial habitat restoration.
–          Construct permanent bridge over Carmel River.

2016 Key Project Milestones
–          Completion of habitat restoration.
–          Removal of the Old Carmel River Dam.
–          Start of monitoring and habitat establishment periods.