Welcome to the San Clemente Dam Removal & Carmel River Reroute Project Website

The Carmel River Reroute & San Clemente Dam Removal (CRRDR) Project is the culmination of a long-term effort to resolve the public safety issues associated with San Clemente Dam, while improving access for steelhead to upstream spawning and rearing habitat, sediment transport to the lower river and Carmel River beach, and ecological continuity of aquatic and riparian habitats through the project reach.

San Clemente Dam was removed in the summer of 2015 after two years of construction work to reroute the river, relocate the reservoir sediments, and prepare the site for its new life without the dam or reservoir. In 2016, the Old Carmel River Dam, a smaller obsolete dam located about 1/4-mile downstream was also removed.

Restoration of the site is ongoing.



Click here to view archive photos of the project site during construction.




Watch video of dam removal and channel restoration.




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