Who We Are

The Carmel River Reroute and San Clemente Dam Removal Project will be the largest dam removed in California to date and is supported by a large constituency of elected officials, government agencies, conservation organizations, and the public. It demonstrates that when public and private interests work together, benefits are realized far beyond what either could achieve alone.

The State Coastal Conservancy, National Marine Fisheries Services, and California American Water represent the central team overseeing the implementation of the Project.  Below is a short description of Project Team and their respective roles:

California American Water (CAW)
CAW is the owner of the dam and the majority of funding for the project comes from CAW customers ($49 million) as part of their agreement to resolve the dam’s public safety problem.

Contact: J. Aman Gonzaiez, Project Manager

**For Media Inquiries: Catherine A. Stedman, Manager of External Affairs
catherine.stedman@amwater.com or (831) 646-3208.

Water Systems Consulting (WSC)
WSC is the CAW contracted Project Manager for the project.

Contact: Jeff Syztel, Project Manager
jszytel@wsc-inc.com or (805) 457-8833 ext. 101

State Coastal Conservancy (SCC)
SCC is the State of California lead for the project.  SCC oversees management of the public funding portion of the project and represents the State in project design, construction and permitting decisions.

Contact: Trish Chapman, Central Coast Program Manager
tchapman@scc.ca.gov or (510) 286-0749

National Marine Fisheries Service
NMFS is the federal lead for the project and represents the federal oversight of the project design, construction and permitting decisions to best advance the recovery of steelhead on the Carmel River.

Contact: Joyce Ambrosius
Joyce.Ambrosius@noaa.gov or (707) 575-6064

Granite Construction
Granite Construction is the selected Design-Build construction contractor responsible for implementing the project.

Contact: Bill McGowan

URS Corp
URS Corp. serves as the Owner’s Representative to California American Water.
Contact: Seth Gentzler

Technical Review Team
The State Coastal Conservancy convened a Technical Review Team (TRT) composed of experts in the various technical fields to review and comment on the technical studies.
Project Supporters
See our broad list of project supporters here.