Technical Review Team

The State Coastal Conservancy  convened a Technical Review Team (TRT) composed of experts in the various technical fields to review and comment on the technical studies.  The table below lists the current members of the TRT for this project.

IndividualOrganizationArea of Technical Expertise
Andy CollisonPWAGeomorphology, stream restoration, sediment transport
Bob MussetterTetra Tech, Inc.Sediment transport, hydraulics
Blair GreimannBureau of ReclamationSediment transport, hydraulics
Bob SmithACOECorps Permitting
Brian CluerNOAA FisheriesGeomorphology
Daniel MeyersohnDSODDam safety and regulatory issues
Dave MunroTetra TechHabitat restoration; biological resources
Dennis GathardConsultantDam removal; civil engineering
Chad MitchumUSFWSBiology, CRLF, other species
Doug LantzTetra TechHydrology, civil engineering
Frank EmersonCarmel River Steelhead AssociationSteelhead
Julie MeansCA Dept. of Fish and GameStream alteration, water rights, FERC, suction dredge
Kevan UrquhartMonterey Peninsula WMDFisheries
Larry HampsonMonterey Peninsula WMDCarmel River management
Laura WildmanPrinceton HydroDam removal; civil engineering
Marcin WhitmanCA Dept. of Fish and Game consulting fluvialHydrology/engineering/fish passage
Matt KondolfGeomorphologist and environmental plannerFluvial geomorphology
Pat RuttenNOAA Restoration CenterFisheries, public funding
Richard OlebeDWR, Division of Safety of DamsDam safety
Steve VeriginGEICivil engineering, geotechnical, DSOD
Tom HeplerBureau of ReclamationCivil engineering, dam demolition, diversion and care of river, risk analysis
Tom MossMonterey County WRA FEMA flood issues